Compassion and fellowship

No I will not sit and eat a burger and drink a beer while talking about the love of Christ, but I will eat a veggie burger and slam several root beers, the fact that I am Vegan will never stop me from loving, in fact, the reason I am vegan is because I love. I care about the health and well being of the animals that I used to eat, the animals that suffer awful deaths every day so people can eat its flesh, wear its skin, or wear a product that has been tested by that animal. Yes I believe that supporting things like animal cruelty, sweatshops, ect., things that you and I support on a daily basis without thinking about it, is very unchrist like, but choosing not to support those things and making a conscious effort to make a difference would never stop me from hanging out and talking to any certain individual. 

I am by no means a good Godly example, but I’m doing what I feel is right, sometimes the right thing isn’t fun, sometimes it isn’t easy, but the right things is always worth it. Don’t let people tell you that you have to choose compassion, or fellowship, because they can easily go hand in hand.

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