The other day in my Environmental Ethics class, we had an interesting discussion about how the depiction of property damage in the movie The Lorax differs from the view of property destruction caused by the E.L.F in the movie If a Tree Falls. In the example of The Lorax, the act of property destruction is glorified and viewed as something that ultimately benefits all of the rest of the world. Due to the atrocities that the character has revealed, he is in return viewed as a hero and is ultimately justified in his actions. In the example of the Earth Liberation Front, the act of property destruction is demonized and viewed as an act of violence rather than an act of redemption. Rather than being viewed as liberationists who stand against injustice, they are deemed eco-terrorists and threatened with life in prison.

Is this a fair comparison, and if so, why is property destruction viewed as a revolutionary act in a movie that is directed at families and children, while being demonized in our current reality? Would the movie be different if Ted was whisked away and put behind bars for the rest of his life?

I plan to write more about this in the future, but these are just a few thoughts going on in my head as I study something completely irrelevant to this topic.